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Yvonne Stubbs | Image Maker | Storyteller | Singer

Yvonne Roberts Stubbs is an artist of African American and Native American heritage. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has lived in Eugene for close to 40 years. Yvonne graduated from Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon taking all art classes offered. She holds a BA in Fine Art and a BFA in Painting and Sculpture from the University of Oregon. Later in her life, she completed a Master of Art also from the University of Oregon.

Art is a life-long passion for Yvonne. She has been creating works of art since she was a small child. She considers herself to be an image maker, story teller, composer and singer. She believes in taking historical events and translating them into a coherent visual concept. Her multimedia work is based on the expression of her life, family history and the discovery of “Black Indian” culture. Hearing family stories over the years inspired Yvonne to tell her family’s hidden tale through her artwork. With the use of abstract figures and textural components, her work tends to reflect her findings. Yvonne's pieces are, as she stated, “Not really revealing the information because the information is not revealed to me.”


Her works include acrylic and water color paintings, sculpture, hand-built ceramics, mixed media, and alcohol ink prints. She has been involved with the Eugene art community for many years. She is a member at both The Pacific Rim Art guild and The Emerald Art Center.

She has studied art in Las Vegas, NV, Lincoln City, Silver Creek and Eugene, Oregon. She has  taken master ceramics classes with Dan Chen, Thomas Blacksher, Robert Warren and Ruth Steward.

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